Festival International du Film d'Aubagne

Cinema & Music - March 19th to 24th 2018


Pays-Bas, Fiction, 10', Numérique HD, 2016


On his way to another tour of duty abroad, thirty-year-old Max gets caught up in a game with the young boys next door. Max gradually loses sight of reality, and the boys lose their innocence.
  • Réalisation / Direction: Christian van Duuren
  • Musique originale / Original score: Jorrit Kleijnen, Alexander Reumers
  • Image: Pot Bert
  • Montage / Editing: Vinken Dorith
  • Scénario / Screenplay: Gielis Daan
  • Interprètes / Cast: Wouter van Oord, Mathijs Bruchmann, Vincent Bruchmann
  • Production: BIND Film
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  • Stadhouderskade 152, 1074 BC Amsterdam The Netherlands