Carte Blanche - Chinese Man Records

Carte Blanche - Chinese Man Records


Documentary Web series

2004 … Sly Dee, High Ku and Zé Matéo create Chinese Man in Marseille and, immediatly after, the music label Chinese Man Records.

14 years pass.
14 years of creation, efforts, professionalisation, travels and position statements.

2018… Their growing reputation have made Chinese Man one of the most well-known french electronic music band. Having a strong identity built on their particular musical style, between hip-hop, dub music and drum and bass, the whole pushed by a very singulare visual universe. Chinese Man records , an independant label, producing and developping various artist, are more then ever concerned by the freedom of creation in arts.

During more than 2 years, the filmmaker Yann Marquis has followed the group on the making-of of their last album and during the live performances they have done, from Marseille to Bombay, from Ardèche to Corsica... He was able to meet different artists with whom Chinese Man worked and he had the opportunity to take the road with the team on their tour. He really succeded to get into the label life.
Though the experience of Chinese Man and Chinese Man Records, the shows the changes into the musical creation and the today music industry.

So here it is the 5 first episodes of this documentary web series.


Come and immerse yourself into a rich selection of video clips tracing the last two years of Chinese Man Records’ visual productions. A musical and journey travel through the work of various artists from the label : Baja Frequencia, Scratch Bandits Crew, Taiwan MC, Tumi, Youthstar and Chinese Man. Various directors will be present during the screening: Fred and Annabelle, Vincent Cappelo, Matthieu Di Stefano (aka Matteo from Chinese Man), Romain Giusiano from Alley Oop collective, Yann Marquis, Wood and Water.

You will also have the opportunity to discover or rediscover the performative film The Journey. A 24 minutes sequence-shot showing Tumi and 170 extras moving at the rythm of the eponymous album !