Master of the classe

France, Fiction, 25’, Numérique HD, 2017


Berry is a school teacher in a popular neighborhood. Still a temporary teacher, he longs for permanent employment and on this decisive day, he will be inspected for the first time.
  • Réalisation / Direction: Carine May, Hakim Zouhani
  • Musique originale / Original score: Patrice Bart Williams
  • Son / Sound: Philippe Schillinger
  • Image: Elie Girard
  • Montage / Editing: Nadège Kintzinger
  • Scénario / Screenplay: Carine May, Hakim Zouhani
  • Interprètes / Cast: Sébastien Chassagne, Jean-Baptiste Saurel, Violaine Fumeau
  • Production: Kazak Productions
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  • 9 rue Réaumur 75003 Paris France


24 March 2018 16h00

Lieu de diffusion