Festival International du Film d'Aubagne

Cinema & Music - March 19th to 24th 2018

No Contract

Canada, Experimental , 8’17, Numérique HD, 2011


No Contract is a visceral video that combines elements of performance and documentary to explore themes of urgency, isolation and escape. All flames in the video are authentic and were recorded live, rather than created digitally. The artist was lit on fire in front of an audience and performed a 30 foot a wire-assisted jump while burning. High speed cameras were used to capture this process.
  • Réalisation / Direction: Randall Lloyd Okita
  • Musique originale / Original score: Lodewijk Vos, Joseph Murray
  • Image: Stephen Chung
  • Montage / Editing: Dev Dingh
  • Production: Canada Council for the Arts
  • 150 Elgin St - Ottawa, ON Canada
  • Ontario Arts Council

Palmarès / Awards



24 March 2018 18h30

Lieu de diffusion